Clients’ values

Clients' values

How we meet Clients' values;

  1. Establishment of proper evaluation, diagnosis & prognosis of the client.
  2. Identification of appropriate rehabilitation goals, objectives & strategies.
  3. Prescription with in-puts from all team members to avoid compromising the treatment/functional out-come.
  4. Mutual agreement upon prescription by the team members.
  5. Systematic provision of treatment. (O/P & physiotherapy.
  6. Education on the condition, treatment given and regular follow-ups of the client by all team members is crucial to our staff.
  7. Periodical analysis and orthopaedic team discussion of the client’s current medical history in comparison to the past for the way forward.
  1. Identification and understanding of health professional limitations and referral system is of paramount importance to the company.
  2. Understanding that team members, including the client, may have great ideas that may have the potential of creating a superior rehabilitation outcome is a priority in this company.
  3. Understanding that the client is the most important team member and cornerstone of the team.
  4. Having all members consistently present in the same place at the same time with ability to perform treatment decision & regular follow-up